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The A-range percentages for classes you've taken are available to employers through the Columbia transcript, so that information should be available to students too.

If you're a Columbia student, then you have access to the percent A-ranges for all of the classes you've already taken. And we'll let you access the percentages for classes you plan to take.

Submissions to this website are anonymous.


Want to contribute A-range percentages from classes you've taken? If you're in Columbia College or GS*:
  1. Log into SSOL at
  2. Click on "Transcripts" or "Transcript Ordering" in the Navigation bar.
  3. Click "Order Transcript" on the bottom center of the page. A window will pop-up and you should request an "eTranscript." Use your email address as the recipient of the eTranscript.
  4. After you have completed the online form, you should receive one to three emails from SSOL. These emails may take some time to arrive. When you receive the email, click on the download link and follow the download instructions.
  5. Once you open up your transcript, it should look something like this. Notice the section called "%A RGE GRADES." This is the information you will want to submit in the form below.
Thanks for your submissions! You're helping to make the grading at Columbia more transparent!

*A-range percentages are not available on the SEAS transcripts.

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Please consider sharing the A-range percentages you have access to on your transcript. Check the tutorial above to learn how to find this information.

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